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Migrants: The Stink of Bourgeois Politics

The suffering bodies of migrants fleeing from poverty, war and despair are increasingly bogged down by the rotting marshland of bourgeois politics, the miserable expression of primary needs of survival of a mode of production in the midst of a structural crisis. Over these bodies, the game is played out and once more brings to light the “essence” of such politics: seedy deals with one foreign government or band of adventurers or another to ensure economic and strategic bridgeheads (an example? the relations between Italy and Libya, or Italy and France), barely concealed dynamics of inter-imperialist contrasts with migrants as the bleeding exchange currency (an example? the relations between Germany and Turkey, between the USA and Mexico), squalid cooked deals between nervous bourgeois factions (a field where Italy can boast a long tradition), arm wrestling between one country or another and “Europe”. And first and foremost an ideological media operation (“Italians First”, so as to keep up with “America First”), aiming to stir up an anti-proletarian spirit in broad strata of the disappointed and embittered petit bourgeoisie and labor aristocracy, supported by mafia and fascist ground troops and the progressive fortification of the State-policeman: operations designed to fence in and control class uprisings that might be set off under pressure from a crisis that no bourgeois government, of whatever political colour, is capable of solving.

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The Ghost of the European Unity

Imperialist dynamics and the Europeanist Illusion

In the post-second-world-war period, the weakness of Europe’s defeated or devastated ruling classes demanded the reconstruction of their economic, political and military apparatus.  The USA directed this reconstruction, which was warmly welcomed by the bourgeoisie in the defeated countries as the premise for renewed capitalist accumulation.  The Marshall Plan allowed national reconstruction to be launched, once the defeated had been obliged to set up an indefinable artefact called “Europe”.  In any event, it would be the “grande bourgeoisie” to install the project for “economic integration”and put it into practice in the defence of diverse national interests. The prospect of a “politically united” Europe was, instead, an illusion of the “petite bourgeoisie” in big European states, providing the “little ideals” and driven by the need for them to be widely involved in the process of capitalist development.

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SYRIA: Yet another infamous feat of imperialism's

We are not surprised by the dispatch of the one hundred missiles launched by the “coalition” of USA-Great Britain-France (after notifying Russia), to bomb the Syrian chemical plants. Our anger grows at the unceasing massacre of proletarians sacrificed in a war without end.

There is no “humanitarian intervention” today, just as there never has been in the past: this is merely a further step in the assumption of positions by the various competitors (from the USA to Russia, from France to Turkey, from Israel to Iran: and we should not marvel, if the “allies” of yesterday become the “adversaries” of today), with a view to more serious, future, inter-imperialist clashes.

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FIRST OF MAY 2018: Beat back the anti-proletarian attack. Learn to defend ourselves to prepare for winning

All over the world, proletarians are under attack. The bourgeoisie and its organs of mass disinformation maintain that “we have come through the crisis”.  Yet, disguised as precarious, unemployment grows endlessly.  The pace and conditions of work worsen constantly. The veritable mass murders of proletarians in factories, building yards, on the streets and in the fields reaches shocking figures. What is paid out on rent (if and when it’s possible to find a hole to live in!), food, gas and electricity (which, together with a roof over your head, are basic necessities!), transport (to get to work or look for it!) becomes a stranglehold.

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Tunisia: a new blaze of rebellion!

While the protests and clashes in North Africa were raging, turning the entire area upside down – a season of extraordinary battles, those of the so-called “Arab Springs” - we wrote (Il programma comunista, n°2 del 2011): “It was not a revolution. A revolution calls into question not a régime (even the toughest) but a whole mode of production. In Algeria, Tunisia, Egypt, Libya and elsewhere there was a powerful and widespread wave of rebellion, originating from the proletarian and proletarianized masses declaring Enough! […] We witness a movement born in the depths of the social subsoil and sparked off by the advance of the economic crisis, which continues its inexorable path, destroying presumed stability and certainty and at the same time pulling down ideological walls and fences and uniting, under the banner of an urgent need to survive, different sectors of a suffering world proletariat abandoned to its own devices.”

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